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Management executed a soul-inspiring resolution in making an investment to develop the higher education system inducing a drastic social change, which in turn leads to a betterment society. Trust plays an essential role in setting up a distinguished mark for Cheran Arts and Science College among other colleges. We serve as a medium for the young generation to discover innovative technologies and gain knowledge. Our college is proud to contribute powerful teaching methodologies that increase the productivity of young minds over the years. We firmly believe in preaching the values, self-reliance, and ethics over the students to build an enhanced social environment.

Cheran Group of Institutions guides the students under a systematic approach to reach the best heights in the education industry. Students encompassed by amazing assets - captivates the learning environment with the facilities of a well-maintained library, doors open to extracurricular, and sports facilities. Students are offered with full liberty in exploring new topics and move forward to determine their passion over career. Our college preserves the two key aspects, such as enclosure and novelty. This feature leads us to reach better heights in the education sector.

Cheran Arts College recognized as a Best Arts College in Kangeyam, offering universal standard UG courses and PG courses. Management takes pride in inviting the students for a never-ending search of knowledge, which helps them to determine the best opportunities and remain as a symbol of hope for the upcoming students.

As a Principal of Cheran Institutions Tirupur, I take pleasure in welcoming the students to a great environment that offers all-round education with the extraordinary facilities. Our team functions to attain academic excellence at every moment. Our main motto is to extend a learning atmosphere that inculcates authentic learning procedure along with the individual skill development. We have tailored a pedagogy system that helps the learners to resolve the complicated problems in the business world.

Cheran Group of Colleges Kangeyam supports a zealous inconsistent learning approach that acquires the excellence in both the ethical and moral values of society. We endow the professional improvement of faculty members, which reflects in the better education of the students.

We provide a high standard of education supporting valuable room for flourishing student knowledge by all means of time. Cheran Group takes complete responsibility in directing the talents as well as the energy of students in the right pathway, which results in an innovative community. I wish parents and supporters to join our hands to develop academic superiors in society.

    UG Courses
    PG Courses

  • B.A.(Tamil)


  • B.A. (English)

    M.Com (CA)

  • BBA (Business Administration)

    M.Sc (Applied Electronics)

  • B.Sc (Software Systems)

    Master of Journalism and Mass communication

  • B.Sc (Information Technology)

    MSW (Social Work)

  • B.Sc (Computer Technology)

    M.Sc (Computer Technology)

  • B.Sc (Computer Science)

    M.Sc (Costume Design & Fashion Technology)

  • BCA (Computer Applications)

    M.Sc (Electronic Media)

  • B.A. (Tourism and Travel Management)

  • B.Sc (Visual Communication)

  • B.Sc (Costume Design and Fashion Technology)

  • B.Sc (Electronics and Communication)

  • B.Sc (Bio-Chemistry)

  • B.Sc (Food Science & Nutrition with CA)

  • B.Sc (Electronics Media)

  • B.Sc (CS with Data Analytics)

  • B.Sc (Catering Science and Hotel Management)

  • B.Sc Maths (CA)

  • B.Com

  • B.Com (CA)

  • B.Com (Professional Accounting)

  • B.Com (Accounting & Finance)

  • B.Com (IT)

  • B.Com (Corporate Secretaryship)

  • B.Com (Business Analytics)

  • BBA (RM)

  • BBA (CA)

Admission procedure

  • Candidate should fill the application form and duly signed forms should be submitted to       the college for the further processing of the application.
  • Every application form should be affixed with photographs. Students should append the       attested photocopies of higher secondary mark sheet rather it's, equivalent to be       admitted to the degree courses.
  • In case if the applicant needs to join postgraduate courses, then he/she should submit       the photocopies of the degree mark lists and degree certificate of the undergraduate       courses.
  • Candidates selected for the admission should present their original certificate to the       college and return to the students only during the completion of the course. Higher       secondary certificate, transfer certificate duly signed by a principal of the school to be       presented for undergraduate courses and degree mark sheet, degree certificate,       transfer certificate duly signed by a principal of the college submitted for the       postgraduate courses.

  • Eligibility criteria for undergraduate course admission

  • All the candidates should be qualified higher secondary school (+2) with the related       subjects that are accepted by the university are eligible to admit in undergraduate       courses.

  • Eligibility criteria for postgraduate course admission

  • Candidates possessing a bachelor’s degree in the relevant discipline are eligible to admit       in postgraduate programs.

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