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Effective Tips = Crack The Interview

Published on 20.01.2021

Once you are done with your UG/PG course, it’s time to set your eyes on your dream job. The world is evolving every day and it is becoming more competitive. Given the present situation and the economic instability,........

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Communication = Job?

Published on 18.01.2021

Communication is used as a tool to exchange or pass the information from one to another. The purpose of the communication is to understand the information.......

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How to become a successful entrepreneur

Published on 11.01.2021

Entrepreneurs are defined as anyone who takes a risk with the goal of monetary profit. He invests all the money, harvests all the risk, and reaps the rewards......

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Importance Of Paramedic

Published on 08.01.2021

Paramedical Courses are considered as a job-oriented program. There is been a significant rise of paramedical personnel in the health sector.....

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Education During Covid - 19

Published on 06.01.2021

It’s been almost a year since the Covid-19 outbreak. Covid-19 has changed the way of living life. Every country is facing a difficult situation....

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Can Growth Mindset Make Education More Interesting & Life-Changing?

Published on 08.01.2020

Scholars are often happy whenever their ideas and theories catch on. They become more gratified when their perceived ideas create...

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10 Steps To Overcome Your Exam Nightmares

Published on 11.02.2020

1) Create Your Own Timetable

      You know the subjects you have to work on. Based on it create your own realistic timetable for all the seven days of the week.

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