Published on 08.01.2020

Scholars are often happy whenever their ideas and theories catch on. They become more gratified when their perceived ideas create a huge difference like motivation, improving productivity and innovation.

However, this popularity has a price. It can make people distort their ideas thereby failing to provide the required benefits. Slowly this has lead to various debates and research regarding growth mindset vs fixed mindset.

What Is Growth Mindset?

Individuals who assume and have a belief that talents can be easily developed using good strategies and hard work will have a growth mindset. These individuals are bound to achieve more compared to the fixed mindset people who have a belief that talents are innate gifts.

The growth mindset people think or worry less about looking smart and input their whole energy into learning. So, when the whole company is embracing the growth mindset, their employees will feel more committed and empowered. In addition, they will get more organizational support in terms of innovation and collaboration.

Compared to such growth mindset people, the ones working at fixed mindset companies suffer from a single factor – deception and cheating among employees, that occurs due to the rat race.

Growth Mindset - The Hottest Topic

Currently, the growth mindset has become a buzzword among various companies, where for some it has become a mission statement. But certain people are still not aware of the kind of influence growth mindset activities have on the career and success of an individual.

The biggest misconception that many have is assuming a growth mindset with being open-minded and flexible or even having somewhat a positive outlook in life. Well, this is entirely incorrect. What many people never realize is that a growth mindset doesn’t exist. One must acknowledge this fact to gain the required benefits.

Growth Mindset Is All About Rewarding And Praising Effort

Well, this is not true for students in colleges, schools, and universities. The same is for employees working in an organization. Here in both settings, it is all about outcomes. In addition, unproductive efforts are not a good thing.

It is important to reward the efforts along with the progress and learning. Also, you must give importance to the processes that provide such things and get help from others, opt for the latest strategies and analyze the setbacks so that you can move forward.

Embrace Growth Mindset And Good Things Will Occur

Of course, mission statements are a great thing. It is difficult to argue with ideas that are lofty like innovation, growth, and empowerment. However, it won’t do anything good for the employee if companies don’t implement such policies that make them attainable and real. Simply they amount to lip service.

Corporate organizations implementing the growth mindset are encouraging proper risk-taking with the knowledge that some of the risks won’t work. Here they would be rewarding employees for the useful and important lessons learned even though the project hasn’t met the required goals.


A growth mindset is a great innovation and universities and colleges like Cheran Group of Institutions provide the necessary tools for implementing such thoughts in real-life situations. A growth mindset can develop the character of an individual and make him or her attain success in life.