About Library

The Cheraann’s Institute of Health Science Library was established in 1991 with 2300 volumes of books.  Now the collection has raised to over 25,700 and over 122 periodicals. Bay guides are available to access the books easily and properly all the books arranged according to departments, subject wise and title wise. Besides the Central Library each department has its own library, containing the major portion of the collection. Closing access system is followed in the library. The Library functions through automated using integrated software. 

Library Software:

                        The entire library was computerized, Bar Code Technology was used.

                        MODERNLIB Software

                        WEB OPAC –Online search facility was launched.

Cherraan's Colleges , It is said that a book is a dream that you hold in your hand. We have house of knowledge which is user-focused, innovative, and excellence- driven. It manages knowledge, both in print and digital formats, ensures seamless discovery and access to scholarly resources. A professional support is provided to faculty and students to find, evaluate and use such resources in an effective way. We also provide high-quality ambiance for both reflective and collaborative work and study which ultimately spreads light on their paths.

Library Timings :    Library functions from 8.30 AM to 7.00 PM (Without any break).


To disseminate the resources among the stakeholders for effective usage through implementing the innovations of Information Technology.


To identify the best resources in co-operation with faculty and students.

To disseminate the scholarly resources among the users through automation.


The Digital library has been functioning with a high speed internet facility to access E-Resources without any interruption .  Reprographic facilities and CD Writer are provided for reference materials, periodicals,  &  project reports are for used  in easy access. By using digital library, we can use of access to World Information Resources.  There are 35 computers available with internet connection.  The online journals are very useful to refer back volume of each concern journals.


Cheraann’s College of Pharmacy, Cheraann’s College of Nursing students accessing  to E-Journals is available through Dr.M.G.R.Medical University . All  the students are getting username, password from the Dr.M.G.R.Medical University.  The e- Journals are very useful for each one of the subject for knowledge development in the field. BENTHAM E- JOURNALS for Pharmacy students, EBSCO’S E-JOURNALS for nursing students.   Cheraann’s College of Pharmacy students have been using DELNET E-CONSORTIUM Journals.  Our College is renewaled of DELNET Membership in the year 2018.