Bachelor of Physiotherapy


A BPT (Bachelor in Physiotherapy) is an Undergraduate degree offered by Cherraan College of Physiotherapy. The duration of a program is 4 and a half years (6 months of internship) with a well-organized curriculum. 

Course Duration:

Four years and six months


  • Candidates over 17 years of age are eligible to apply for this course.
  • Candidates must have passed +2 with the electives of Biology or botany & zoology with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate
1st Year
Subject Name 18 Credit
Psychology & Sociology 3 Credit
Anatomy 3 Credit
Physiology And Applied Physiology 3 Credit
Basic And Applied Physics For Physiotherapy 3 Credit
Basic Nursing & First Aid 3 Credit
Orientation To Physiotherapy & Computer Applications 3 Credit
2nd Year
Subject Name 15 Credit
General Medicine/General Surgery/Pediatrics/Geriatrics 3 Credit
Bio-Mechanics, Applied Anatomy & Kinesiology 3 Credit
Exercise Therapy- I 3 Credit
Exercise Therapy - II 3 Credit
Microbiology/ Pathology 3 Credit
3rd Year
Subject Name 21 Credit
Electrotherapy-I (Low & Medium Frequency) 3 Credit
Electrotherapy-II (High Freq & Actinotherapy) 3 Credit
Clinical Cardio-Respiratory Diseases 3 Credit
P.T In Cardio Respiratory Conditions 3 Credit
Community Medicine 3 Credit
Bio Statistics & Research Methodology 3 Credit
Physical Modalities Maintenance 3 Credit
4th Year
Subject Name 21 Credit
Clinical Neurology 3 Credit
PT In Neurology 3 Credit
Clinical Orthopedics 3 Credit
PT In Orthopedics 3 Credit
Rehabilitation Medicine 3 Credit
Physical Education 3 Credit
Administration/ Supervision/ Ethics 3 Credit